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"Montessori.LTD" is part of the Montessori X Project. Montessori X consists of several applications combined for communities and is part of the Global Montessori for All project. We hope to enrich Montessori's educational groups, especially also the fast-growing number of Montessori homeschoolers to create a virtual learning space with inspiring content and knowhow contributed by students, teachers and professionals.

Supporting the Montessori X project will help to support also all further development of Montessori X and all of its applications and partner applications.

Learn more about Montessori X which started here in Phuket:

All-inclusive Education for All 0 - 100+ should no longer be a dream!

Let's Unite and bring together all our efforts.

Thanks to modern technology it is possible now to train many teachers to become Montessori teachers by providing affordable/free high quality training, resources, experienced trainers and more to them, their students and their parents.
We are a group of certified Montessori teachers who believe that Montessori education can change the world but only if we reach out to all children around the world. Now we have tools Maria Montessori could only dream of. We will use them to create a vital supporting community of Montessori enthusiasts who join the Montessori X efforts worldwide towards an affordable training, resources, schools, lessons, ideas and online meeting, learning, research, development and socializing platforms.

"Help to do it by myself"

We want to teach students, parents, teachers, governments and get them focused on implementing the Montessori approach in regular and private schools, homes and organizations worldwide. We will provide affordable resources to make Montessori Everywhere and for Everyone possible - worldwide!

With your support it will be possible for us to focus on this goal and to make it happen!

When Maria Montessori started the first Casa Dei Bambini in San Lorenzo she was focussed on exactly that too.


All-inclusive Montessori education for All 0-100+ 

Everyone should be able to reach his/her full potential and goals by applying Montessori principles in Education.

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